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How does Houseroo benefit me?

Think of Houseroo as the perfect Personal Assistant to automatically update your Vendors and home buyers in a property deal. It gives you an instant snapshot of where your deals are at in real time.

With one click you can track both your home buyers and sellers conveyancing progress, and you have the ability to manage your vendors’ selling campaigns so you can keep them in the loop of where their sales are at.

Agent VS Tech

You may have heard comments from industry experts that real estate agents will be replaced by real estate agents using technology.

Whether you agree with this sentiment or not, the one thing we can all agree on is that there is nothing more positive than using technology to help us do our job more effectively and provide our customers with the best possible experience and transparency.

The question is which technology?

With increased costs and overheads, Houseroo provides a cost-effective solution in the palm of your hand.

Imagine having an automated Personal Assistant to update your vendors 24 hours a day, which is connected directly to the conveyancer and tells you exactly what is required to STOP your deal from crashing.

We know you’re always on the road and in between meetings, so we put all of this on your mobile for you to use with ease.

Track and manage all your Selling Campaigns and Deals with Houseroo.

What territories can I market my services in?

Houseroo connects agents to buyers, sellers, conveyancers and building and pest inspectors from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Perth and regional areas across Australia.

Now you can be in control and manage your client’s entire Buying and Selling journey to make sure they are kept in the loop as the deal unfolds which will help save your deal and your commission!

How does Houseroo help agents run a more efficient agency?

  • Our easy-to-read dashboard provides full visibility on all your deals in one click.
  • Visualise all the terms & conditions of each contract in a single timeline.
  • Invite buyers, vendors, conveyancers and inspectors to join a transaction with a few clicks.
  • Keep all communication and documents in one place.
  • Houseroo automatically notifies your vendors in real time as you manage their selling campaigns.

Can I use Houseroo with my current CRM and technologies?

Absolutely you can!

Houseroo is built in such a way to function independently of any CRM system.

The best thing is that it can integrate with any CRM and technology you may already be using.

Houseroo is all about collaboration and working together, therefore technologies can easily access our Application Programming Interface (API).

If you have an integration request, please contact: