- Mortgage Broker

Finally, a way to keep your customers in the loop of their home loan applications!

With so many moving parts and issues outside our control, the one thing we should be able to control is the way we communicate the home loan status to our home buyers and property investors.

Houseroo provides an easy-to-use platform that allows mortgage brokers to update their home buyers and property investors on the progress of their home loan.

Arguably, the mortgage broker has the most significant role in a property transaction as the key stakeholder that brokers the finance to make the entire contract come together.

Without property finance, there is no successful property settlement.

Whilst you're working on other finance applications, you can now use Houseroo to easily manage the various stages and milestones of the home loan application process. This enables your property buyers to visually track the progress and status of their home loan applications in real time.

What territories can I market my services in?

Houseroo allows you to invite home buyers, first home buyers and property investors for you to track and manage from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Perth and regional areas across Australia.

Why should I use Houseroo?

If you want your home buyers and property investors to become raving fans, then it is really important to provide them with exceptional customer experience.

Imagine having the power in just a few clicks to instantly update the home loan application status so your home buyer / property investor can track and check the status of their finance application in real time.

In today's market, home buyers and property investors expect total transparency. Houseroo is a place to track their entire home buying journey especially the status of their finance.

Can I use Houseroo with my existing systems?

Absolutely you can!

Houseroo has been built to function independently of any System.

Think of it like any other communication tool such as email or phone.

The key benefit is that you can now provide status updates and a visualisation of the entire deal in one click that is totally managed by you.

However should you want, Houseroo can integrate with any other third party technology through its Application Programming Interface (API).

If you have an integration request, please contact: