- Sellers

Selling your property is a very significant moment. In many cases, the sale of a property allows you to move to the next phase of your life journey.

Now that you have decided to sell your property. There are a few important steps that you may have to take which includes the following:

Selecting a real estate agent to help you organise the marketing, the open home inspections and to deal with prospect property buyers.

As a seller, you are putting a lot of faith into your agent who is responsible for selling one of the biggest assets of your lifetime. As a major life event, wouldn’t it be nice if you could track the entire selling journey?

Imagine being able to bring together everyone you need to successfully settle your property transaction instantly with a few clicks. Well, now you can with Houseroo.

As a seller, Houseroo connects you to the most trusted conveyancing companies and building and pest inspectors from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Perth and regional areas across Australia.

Houseroo puts the seller back in control of their transaction, by tracking their entire selling journey to make sure the people involved are updating them in real time.

How does Houseroo connect property sellers with the best conveyancing companies in Australia?

  • Sellers simply enter the address of the property they are selling
  • Houseroo matches a list of trusted and best priced conveyancing companies from a qualified and vetted Marketplace, which the seller can choose from
  • The conveyancing company accepts the property seller’s request
  • Now the seller can track the progress of the entire journey in real time using their phone

How does Houseroo connect property sellers to the best building and pest inspectors in Australia?

  • Sellers simply enter the address of the property they are selling
  • Houseroo matches a list of trusted building and pest inspectors in the property seller’s area from the Houseroo Marketplace, which the seller can choose from
  • The building and pest inspectors accept the seller’s request
  • Now the seller’s building and pest inspector can upload the report directly to their inbox

How do sellers know if their service providers are the right ones for their property transaction?

As the saying goes “you’re only as good as your last gig” and that is most certainly the case with property related service providers.

Houseroo has created a real time customer experience tracker which allows you, the seller to provide feedback in real time to your service providers, so they can always give you a quality experience.

So the better services you experience, the better rating and feedback you provide them with which will give them a better rating. The overall rating is the average of the entire experience.

The final rating is shared to all the sellers. If a service provider continually scores bad ratings, they unfortunately, will be struck off the Marketplace. And fortunately for you, this self-regulating system is what keeps our Marketplace community trusted and safe for all to use.

What are some key benefits to use Houseroo?

Control - You always know exactly where your transaction is at.

Peace of mind - Documents are securely stored in one location with the latest version easily accessible.

Convenience - Quick access to all your service providers with one click.

Less stress - Receive warnings before something becomes an issue.

Who is involved with my transaction?

In most property transactions, there are at least 8 parties involved:

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Real estate agent
  • Buyer’s conveyancer
  • Seller’s conveyancer
  • Bank/Mortgage broker
  • Inspector (building & pest and pool)
  • Insurer

Each party has their own deadlines, schedules, agendas, and challenges, and everyone is accountable to make sure the transaction happens successfully.

In an ideal world, everyone would be able to communicate and collaborate without friction and deliver outcomes on time. With Houseroo, now they can.

What else will I need to do?

Once you have got your entire transaction process under control, you’re probably going to want to book your moving company and hook up all your services such as internet, electricity and all other relevant services.