- Product Features

Timeline and Dashboard

Visually track and manage the progress of the entire transaction process.

Stay in the loop of every part of the deal and all the parties involved.

Use the dashboard to keep track of your properties and receive warning alerts before becomes an issue.

Document and File Sharing

Unlike any other document and file sharing feature, you can isolate all documents to do with the actual property.

Essentially, in one click you can visualise every document associated with that property.

This includes building and pest reports, finance approvals, leases, pool safety certificates, and all relevant documents associated with the purchase or sale of the property.

Think of this feature as a PDF collector which checks off anything required.

You can easily access, upload, download, and sign documents online in one secured place.

Collaborator Invite

Invite any collaborator involved in the property transaction with a few clicks.

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Invite trusted collaborators. You can book a trusted conveyancer, building and pest or pool certification inspector from your local area through the Houseroo Marketplace. These service providers are verified and you are guaranteed to receive the best deal from Houseroo.
  2. Invite your own.

If you have your own conveyancer, building and pest or pool certification inspector that you trust simply provide their email and name, and invite them so you can track and manage your property transaction.

Finance Tracker

Track and manage your finance application.

As a home buyer, there's nothing worse than the anticipation of wanting to know where your finance is up to.

Be in the know as soon as there's an update on the status of your finance.

As a mortgage broker, you can easily update your buyers in real time.

Any changes you make in the finance tracker will automatically notify your first home buyer, property buyer or property investor in real time.

Conveyancing Tracker

Convert the terms and conditions of a contract into an easy-to-follow visual timeline.

Now property buyers and sellers can track the progress of their conveyancing in real time.

Conveyancers can update the progress for home buyers and sellers by simply updating milestones for all to see.

Property Selling Campaign Tracker

Real estate agents can manage the progress and updates for their vendors/sellers so that they can track their property selling campaign in real time.

Alerts, Reminders and Notifications

Alerts and notifications including emails, SMS, and in-app are automatically sent to everybody involved when updates are made.

This keeps everybody in the loop so that they can easily manage and track their property transaction.


Milestones are the key stages of a transaction process. Milestones are set by property expert to service their first home buyer, home buyer and property investor.

The various stages of a property transaction can be saved into a property milestone template. This allows the conveyancer or real estate agent to manage updates by simply updating the status section.

Help Guides

As a property service provider, you can share a step-by-step how-to guide for everybody involved in the property transaction. Houseroo lets you hold your clients’ hands every step of the way without even being there.

If you're a property service provider you can create customisable templates to help your first home buyer, home buyer and property investor every step of the way.

Automation Templates

As a service provider, you can set up full property automation templates with milestones and due dates, and automated reminders and updates for your first home buyer, property buyer and property investor.

All you have to do is set the parameters and tweak to your requirements and timeline.

Job Inbox

Registered service providers can receive real jobs directly to their inboxes.

Jobs come from the Houseroo Marketplace and are sorted by location and price of the job.

Conveyancing companies and building and pest inspectors can now select jobs they wish to accept or ignore within their service areas.

Marketplace Sentiment

This feature allows you to track your customers’ sentiment and the experience that they are receiving from your service. Throughout your service journey your first home buyer, home buyer and property investor will have a simple way to update you on the experience that they are having with your company.

Now you can act accordingly to the feedback your customers are giving you.

Issue Phone Caller

Gone are the days of digging through emails and phonebook!

When an issue arises, Issue Phone Caller will display the phone number of the issue connected to a service provider. So you can directly dial the right person to resolve the matter.

Conveyancer Chat

This is specially built so that conveyancers can chat with conveyancers about the property matter they are managing.

Once a property has been added by either conveyancers, both conveyancers can now connect and chat with each other through Conveyancer Chat.

Each chat is attached to the related property so you won’t have to dig through all of your emails and SMS to keep track of your matters.